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linda Guckel

My Dear, Dear Fran and John,
You are in my mind, heart and prayers.
What can I do?
love, Linda and Gunter


Fran and John, since we spoke I have spoken with Margie, Jim, Jack, Dick and had email contact with Deb. You can be assured you are in their thoughts and prayers (and ours of course) on a daily basis.

jim marsh

John and Fran
I had a quick two day visit to the hospital with a virus (they found thru a CT scan.)that caused the fluids to my intestines to shut down. Treatment? No food or drink until they "begin to rumble" again. The scan also showed a small spot on my right lung. However I went in for my annual PET scan and I am clean as a whistle. (Must have been a fingerprint on the CT scan). Caalories are a problem for me as well as protein. When you can't eat much, it becomes a challenge. For me, lots of peanut butter and Stouffer's frozen Mac and cheese. I pray for John's healing every day. We could talk on the phone someday and I can share the things that I take (natural stuff) since my bout with cancer. Lots of love and hugs to both of you.

Cousin Jim

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