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Renee Barratt

I don't know your parents. but I know their daughters. And you are all people I look up to very very much. If "happy family" produces you girls... That's all I want for mine <3

You are all in my heart and on my mind.

Traci Moore

Thinking of you, Karen. May your family's time with your dad be beautifully happy time.


I remember meeting your parents at the first anniversary of the coup in the PI, so nice, kind, and fun. If either of your parents want to talk, play games (I lose most of the time but enjoy it) please pass on my information. I do not have their info. Hugs, love, and prayers.

Chris Clippinger

Jen has been a dear, dear friend of mine for years. I met Jen's Mom when my Mom was having open heart surgery in Naples. She helped me at a low point in my life, and I cannot thank her enough. God Bless to your family.

Douglas Wood

Dear John and Fran and children and grandchildren,

What a courageous choice you have made!

May God bless you in these most important days and weeks of John's life.

You are in our thoughts and prayers.

With much live and affection.

Doug and Barbara Wood

Kristi Hale

Smitty taught me how to ride my bike. And Fran gave me a long lasting love of 7 Up. I miss you all terribly. I miss the extensively carpeted basement where we could amuse ourselves for hours. I miss Fran waking me up to tell me I had a new sister (though mom is probably ok with that being over). I miss the smell of Smitty's tobacco. And Kerri and I would race to see who could cut through yards faster to get to your house. I do not miss ice skating, or blisters.
I love you, family.

Missi Radomski

Growing up, the Smith family was my second family. I hold so many wonderful memories of the time I spent with all of you and was able to experience things that I never would have if you had not welcomed me into your family. Although I probably have not seen your parents since your wedding, they will always hold a special place in my heart. Sending love and good thoughts, treasure every moment and know that I am thinking about you all.

Missi (Wolski) Radomski

Roberta Mencono

Dear John and Fran and family,
I owe a lot to John Smith who plucked me from a dying career path and planted me in new area where I could grow and thrive for years. Even though he staffed my team with a book salesperson, an ex-pro golfer and a storyteller :) we managed many firsts and were very succsessful. This "experiment" is just a single glimpse into the visionary talent of John and served as a lesson to me to make bold choices- a mindset you'll be glad to know I have passed on. I will always be grateful for the opportunities John gave me and for the strong example of caring for relationships, both business and personal. Oh and also for the expression "You are just a pimple on the pig's ass!". Love you all!

Tina (Coologeorgen) Wyder

I considered John a mentor who provided me the foundation for the career I enjoy today. I owe so much to him and regretfully, I don't think I ever told him.

I always enjoyed our philosophical talks, (me popping in to say hi, him telling me to grab a seat). His willingness to take risks, passion for work and life, and his obvious love for his family are things I remember most. I remember those days fondly as some of my best AC experiences and they were possible to the culture John built.

With deep respect and admiration, hugs to you all.

Chris Tanalski

Dear Smiths, "Happy families" are filled with love,respect and a good laugh between the tears. John you and your family are in my prayers always. The next time I go to the Red Lobster, in Toledo. I will remember all great times we had there. From one cousin to another, you're a bless man.

Cindy Kuhman

From another Toledo cousin, our thoughts, prayers, tears, laughter and love are with you all.

Kathy Lee

I worked for John at St. Charles, Illinois 15 years or so ago. My prayers with him and his family...

Kathy Lee

Beth and James

Babe, Smitty, Jen, John, Kristin, Karen, and K.C. and families: Know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers. The way you have all jumped in to help each other is an inspiration to us all.
We love you all!

Beth, James, and Sean

Monica Donku

John you started out as my 'boss' but soon became a friend. We've lost touch in the last few years but I haven't stopped thinking of you and neve stopped thinking of you as my friend - my friends are few but the few are great. Thank you and Fran and the rest of your family for sharing.

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