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Just remember, its only funny until someone ruptures a gallbladder or spleen!


Lots of pictures of swag and smiles ;). I love that you're all still going!

Julie Randall (Aunt Julie & Uncle John)

What a wonderful, positive outlook that Smitty continues to engender in us all. He is very goal oriented. Mickey and company will be delighted to have you all there!

Jane Weske

Sooo happy that you are all going!! Having you all together is just what both your Dad and Mom need. You will all cherish the memories you will be making forever!! Enjoy every minute.

Beth and James

Have a great time, make many wonderful memories, and happy birthday to Kristy/Kristin. (How old are you now, Ohhhh, I shouldn't ask the age of someone THAT old!) Say "hi" to Minnie and Mickey for us!

Meredith Morgan Klaas

God bless each of you. I hope you make many beautiful memories to carry in your hearts for the rest of your lives. My love to all of you.


Yay! It seemed so far away when we talked about this in the spring AND IT IS HAPPENING!! Fill your hearts with minds, your heads with memories and your bellies with laughter!

Jackie Louis

I love that you are still going. What a grand outing! I also love this picture, this was what you looked like when we first met. Frank & KC were 2 years old and we were lovely "young" things. Brings a big smile to my face. Have an unforgettable time! Love you all.

Pat Carey

Gee, your dad looked a little like Rollie Fingers, without the moustache swirl at the ends. Wow, and that dark bad boy hair! I and our Accenture benefits family are thrilled you are at the Magic Kingdom, together, and having a blast. So love the family picture, you are all lovely. The Toledo Mud Hens cleaned the Indianapolis Indians clocks this weekend in Indy.

Pat Carey

Sorry, correction, the Mud Hens only won one.

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